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Who we are

My name is Justin, the owner and director of JEL Media. JEL is a photography and videography production company, that caters to the media needs of individuals and groups in creative spaces. I earned my masters in Fine Art from the University of Windsor, and I have played in multiple bands since I was a teenager. I use my background in the arts to influence the way I capture the content required for our clients.

JEL is based in Windsor Ontario. We are a small and efficient team that pride ourselves in promoting local artists, while also able to create work for businesses, events, and individuals.

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What we do

JEL's first focus is the integrity of the art captured. We understand that context, research, and audience must be considered for creative projects. We adapt to styles that may be more appropriate to the work we are shooting, and collaborate when necessary. 

You will receive media that emphasizes details, creativity, and meaning. We will work with you to reach the potential of your vision. Our work has brought us to shoots across North America and Europe.


We welcome all types of projects. 

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